Frequently Asked Questions.

What’s the difference between a traditional trading card vs. digital?

A traditional trading card does not enable you to:
  • Track week to week stats.
  • Edit your card at any time.
  • Swap out pictures and backgrounds.
  • Add contact information.
  • Add emails, web and video links.
  • Add social networks.
  • Trade instantly via email, social networks and personal QR code.
  • Coaches can track players progress.

How many weeks of use for a card?

Each card has 16 weeks of use for unlimited editing and trading.

Is the card mobile?

Yes! We have designed a website version for all mobile and tablet platforms.

Can I save my card to my mobile desktop?

Depending on your mobile device, you will be able to save your card screen to desktop for easy view and trading.

How do I trade my card?

Instantly! Click “trade” on your card and send via email, facebook post, linkedin, twitter, google +, and your unique QR code.

Can I collect other player(s) cards?

Absolutely! Any player with an I Dig It All Sports trading card can trade and collect cards from other players to save in their personal collection feature.

If I’m a coach or team captain, can I purchase cards for my team?

Yes! After signing up, click the “Coaches” tab, create a team name, you will be directed to your administration page. From this page you will be able to purchase card credits and invite your team via email.

What if I don’t see my sport?

No problem! Contact us and we’ll get it listed for you.

What if I don’t see the stat that I would like to track during the season?

No problem! Contact us and we’ll get it listed for you.

Can I create multiple cards for other sports?

Absolutely! Example: If you’re playing golf, softball and basketball during a season, you can create cards for each sport.

How can my card benefit me for current and future opportunities?

Easily send you card to coaches or recruiters via email or social networks Add web links from articles, recruitment links and You Tube video.

How do I sign my league, business, or association up to become an affiliate?

Easy! Visit our affiliate or contact page and send us a message.

How do I enter myself or another player for the “Player of the month” showcase?

Easy! Visit our contact page, add a comment explaining your request, and we’ll contact you within 24hrs.